At Journey’s Crossing, we love being able to meet kids & parents right where they are, and partner with them on their journey to find & follow Jesus. And, that starts right from the earliest moments of childhood, with Child Dedication!

What is child dedication? To start with, it’s a celebration … a time to remember that kids are a gift from God! It’s also an opportunity for parents to commit to pass their faith in Jesus to their child … and for Journey’s Crossing to commit to partner with parents in every step along the journey.

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Meeting PEOPLE Where THEY Are and
Helping Them Find and Follow Jesus.

Convenient Location

Located in Germantown right off of I-270. Minutes from Gaithersburg, Rockville & Bethesda from the south and quick and easy to get to from Clarksburg, Urbana and Frederick from the north. Plenty of parking.

Small Groups

In between Sundays, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know others just like you. Whether it’s learning together about the Bible, marriage & parenting or life success skills, small groups or short-term ways to make new friends and last for 8-12 weeks at a time.

Engaging Worship

Passionate, upbeat music that’s easy to sing along if you want but regardless, you’ll love how our top-class vocalists and musicians sound. A live bands always bring it – whether it’s rock, hip-hop, soul or pop.

Local & Global Outreach

It feels good to make a difference in the life of another person. But sometimes it’s hard to know where and how to start. From serving the poor & needy, helping a child in school, providing food and resources to those in need here in MoCo all the way to sponsoring kids and villages in far way places, you’ll find practical and real ways to to work with others to make a positive difference. And that feels good!

Children's Programs

Kid’s love our fun and engaging experiences designed just for them! From a safe and caring nursery for your infant or pre-schoolers to an upbeat, interactive program for kindergarten through five grade kids. Not only will they love coming but you’ll enjoy yourself knowing they are well cared for and learning good stuff.

Support Groups

Sometimes life gets crazy and is hard. It happens to us too. When it does, it’s helpful to know that there others who’ve survived what you are going through and can help care for you and pray for you. Divorce Care, Financial Peace and groups dealing with emotional pain or life challenges are available.
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Got A Question?

Got a question we haven’t answered? Shoot us a quick email and we’ll get back to you right away. No question is too big or too small. We know that checking out a church for the first time can make you feel a little awkward. Honestly, it would for us too. le.Nowadays, you just never really know what a place is gonna be like and you’d rather avoid any weird situations. We totally get that! We think we are pretty normal people like most of us who live here but feel free to ask us anything and we’ll try our best to help you fell as comfortable as possible.

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