SUNDAY, April 12 @ 9:15AM and 11:15AM

Hello to our beloved Germantown community! Since you’ve found this page, you likely already know: we here at Journey’s Crossing have a direct connection to the Easter Bunny and his bunny family!

He has informed us that he can’t wait to bring some excitement and joy to all this Easter weekend. He will be “hopping” through Germantown, Maryland neighborhoods –

12:30 – 3:00 pm


Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on our community, the Easter Bunny unfortunately will not be able to take photos with your family or plan any events or parades, BUT he wants you to keep an eye out to see if you can catch him in your neighborhood. Buddy Bunny and his bunny family will be wandering through communities like yours, so be on the lookout!

If you and your family see him pass through your neighborhood, have a parent or guardian take a photo to document your sighting. Families that follow the directions below to share your photo(s) to Facebook will have the opportunity to win one of several $50 gift cards.

It will be a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy some carry-out food at one of the many amazing Germantown restaurants and food places!



When Buddy Bunny passes through your neighborhood, snap a picture and post it to Facebook. In order to qualify to win one of our prizes, please:

A. Use the hashtag #easteringermantown

B. Use the check-in feature for your post and select “Journey’s Crossing: A Christian Church”.

Entry/Prize details: Must be 18 or older to claim prizes. No purchases required to win. No church affiliation required. Winners will be selected at random on Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020) and notified via Facebook to claim their prize. A list of winners will be posted to our event page after our drawing.



  1. Kingsview Village
  2. Cross Richter Farm into Fountain Hills back through to
  3. Clopper Mill West. Cross over Richter
  4. Farm into Shoppers Food center, through center and left on Mateny to
  5. Right onto Wheat Ridge, through community
  6. Left onto Dairy Maid, neighborhoods by GSCES
  7. Left into Farmingdale complex
  8. Back across Dairy Maid to apartments on the other side. Go through to Clopper
  9. Right into Timko TH community, then straight into
  10. Rushing Water TH community
  11. Chesnut Oaks on right
  12. Across to North Creek
  13. Continue down Mateny
  14. Left into Seneca Hill, end back at Clopper.


Left on Parreco, Left onto Crowns Gate to Right on Germantown Road

  1. Mill Stone Apartments on right
  2. Through Kingsview Giant food shopping center then back on Clopper and right onto Germantown Road, Left onto Dawson Farm Road.
  3. 1st Right into Destiny Road TH community, then cross straight over Dawson into
  4. Germantown Estates community, ending on Hopkins Road. Right onto Father Hurley.
  5. Second left into Kingsview Ridge. Left back onto Father Hurley.
  6. Left into Village at Oak Hill
  7. Cross Father Hurley to Autumn Glen
  8. Right onto Father Hurley. Right onto Waterford Hills Blvd. circle through the community (Ashmore Germantown) then follow Waterford Hills by Alta Liberty Mills, then left onto Waters, Right onto Wisteria,
  9. Left into Lotte Plaza
  10. Through to Giant Plaza by McDonalds & Wendy’s
  11. Cross Middlebrooke Road to circle Safeway
  12. Down Century Blvd past library. Through Pinnacle apartments, then take Century Blvd to complex with Chick FilA & Walgreens
  13. Take Crystal Rock towards Father Hurley. Left into Stone Creek Club. Pass Waters Landing
  14. Left Churchill East Complex
  15. Cross Father Hurley into Waters House
  16. Right onto Father Hurley
  17. Right into Church Senior Living


There are many opportunities to care for the community and we would love to have your help! [Current options are limited due to the physical restraints].


Life is better together.

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