Are You A Doppelganger?

Does anybody ever say you look like someone else? Or maybe you remind them of someone they know? You might be a doppelganger!

The word doppelganger comes from German and literally means “double walker.” It refers to someone who looks like you but isn’t a biological twin.

Experts say there’s a 1:135 chance that somebody else on planet Earth resembles you enough to have a mistaken identity. Chances are someone out there looks close enough to you that they could pass as your body double!

But what about the idea of being a spiritual doppelganger of Jesus? Did you know that part of God’s plan for your life is for you to gradually grow in the likeness of Jesus? No, I’m not suggesting you need to grow out your hair and a beard and walk around in a robe and sandals like the guy who portrays Jesus in “The Chosen” show.

Part of God’s plan for your life is to look more and more like Jesus, not on the outside, but on the inside. As the Spirit of Jesus lives in us, each of us, our attitudes and behaviors, should gradually model the character and person of Christ.

That’s part of what this current series called “Becoming” is all about as we study the fruit of the Spirit and transform more into the spiritual image of God!

Just like the fruit of an apple tree should always resemble an apple, the fruit of the Spirit of Jesus living inside us should produce the thoughts, hearts, and attitudes of that Spirit.

Are you slowly seeing that fruit in your life? Better yet, are others seeing you change in how you respond to challenges, treat others, or engage in our world? Are you becoming a spiritual “double walker” or doppelganger of Jesus?

One of the best ways to tell is by understanding and evaluating your actions and responses through the lens of the nine aspects of God’s character listed in Galatians 5:22-23.

The best news is that it’s not all on you to change by hard work, grit, and determination. Like no apple strains itself to become an apple, it’s not all upon you!

Apples grow on apple trees when properly cared for and in the right conditions, environment, and nutrients. So, too, you, as a follower of Jesus, should produce the fruit of the Spirit by surrendering to the appropriate spiritual conditions, environment, and nutrition.

So how about it? Are you slowly looking more like Jesus in how you interact with others and relate to God? Hopefully, not only is that true of you, but you want to know more about how to do so.

Join us this Sunday at Journey’s Crossing either in person (if you live close by) or online (if you can’t be here) this Sunday morning at 9:15 or 11:15. Together, we’ll dig into the subsequent quality of Jesus that God wants you to become!




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Don’t be surprised if you see clips from your favorite movies or television shows, hear a personal story from a person just like you. You’ll always find something unexpected like crowd interaction, comedy, clever object lessons or creative lighting, effects and media because we believe church should be fun to attend and be engaging!


We think you deserve content that is interesting and engaging. In fact, it should be so practical that you could put it to use even before you leave the building. We learn about things like relationships, work, and careers, finances, power over addictions, forgiveness, life change through Jesus. And yes…even sex! Every week our “talks” are creative, down to earth, funny and memorable and they’ll make a real difference in your life.


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We don’t have a dress code. We don’t speak in holy jargon that only Christians understand. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We’re just ordinary people just like you, warts and all. Authenticity is a big deal to us – it’s exhausting to keep trying to pretend we’ve always got our act together when we don’t. So come and be yourself – no matter what you look like or where you’re from you’ll find other fellow-strugglers just like you.

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