If you could go back in time and undo one thing…

If you could go back in time and undo one thing what would you undo? Maybe something comes to your mind right away or maybe it doesn’t. But my guess is that all of us have done things we wish we hadn’t. And some of those things have had lasting consequences. Maybe it was a relationship you would undo or a stupid decision you made on the spur of the moment. Perhaps it’s a financial decision or a job you took or going somewhere or not going somewhere.

Thing is, hindsight is 20/20 and knowing what you know now, it’s easy to see what you’d do differently than what you’ve experienced.

But here’s an interesting thought, my guess is that Jesus would want to undo a completely different kind of thing. While you and I might focus on singular events or choices, I think Jesus would dig a little deeper. He’d want to undo the character issues or behavioral patterns that caused us to make that decision in the first place.

What lies behind that stupid choice you or I made that fateful night? Why is it that you decided to move forward in that relationship ignoring the red flags? How come I didn’t take seriously the potential consequences of doing that one thing?

Underneath many of the moments or relationships we wish we could go back in time to undo are usually more subtle but most importantly deeper issues we often fail to identify. The topic we are going to dig into this Sunday is one of those. And it’s a biggie that very few of us recognize and deal with – it’s a little thing called pride. Not the good kind of pride where you are pleased with something you accomplished – nope, this is the more sinister pride that lurks within all of us. It’s that nagging need to put our own selfish desires ahead of everyone else. It’s that unchecked ego that pushes others to the side to get what we want.

When you couple that with spirituality, as we’ll see Sunday, it’s a putrid mix. It produces a lifestyle of choices that are incredibly toxic and damaging. The problem is, if you or I aren’t very intentional about tackling spiritual pride, and all forms of it, the consequences are far greater than any one time decision you might regret.

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday for the conclusion of “What would Jesus Undo?” because it could make a significant difference in your life and others you know. Invite them to join you and watch this Sunday – that’s one decision you won’t regret or want to undo in the future.




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We think you deserve content that is interesting and engaging. In fact, it should be so practical that you could put it to use even before you leave the building. We learn about things like relationships, work, and careers, finances, power over addictions, forgiveness, life change through Jesus. And yes…even sex! Every week our “talks” are creative, down to earth, funny and memorable and they’ll make a real difference in your life.



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