Why Do You Do What You Do?

I don’t know if you’ve ever considered that question, but it’s worth considering: Why do you do what you do?

I mean, why do you go to work every day? Why do you enjoy the hobbies that you do? What are you trying to get out of the time you spend to relax or earn an income?

If you are like me, I usually prefer to keep my head down, my nose to the grind, and keep moving forward because I don’t know what else to do. There are bills to pay, kids to raise, and food to keep on the table, and if possible, I’d like to have a little time for myself now and then.

What if you and I were made for more than that? What if your life were more about thriving towards a much greater goal than just trying to survive day after day?

We all long for purpose and meaning and try to find it as best we can in our everyday activities. There are moments when I’m courageous enough to contemplate my existence in this world, and sometimes, it bothers me. How about you?

The Bible teaches that we were made for much more and that our existence has a deeper purpose and meaning. However, the challenge often becomes figuring out this purpose while simultaneously paying the bills. Trust me, you’re not the first to wrestle with this question.

Want to find some answers? Are you courageous enough to contemplate a better way to use your life? Join us this Sunday as we continue the Arrows series at Journeys Crossing. This series compares our lives to arrows God creates for specific purposes. This Sunday, we’ll discover how to hit the target every time!

Curious? Is it enough to tune in or show up and discover a better way to use all the things God has given you in this life? Join us online or in person at 9:15 AM or 11:15 AM, and let’s take the next step on this journey together! Life is too short to waste, and we believe everyone was created for a bigger life than they probably live! Why not figure out one way to get more out of it? See you there!



Yeah, we know how important a good-tasting cup of java is. Before and after each worship experience, we serve high-quality, environmentally-friendly coffees, and beverages that are both free and taste good! And get this – you are welcome to bring them with you into the worship experience! So, come a little early and grab a beverage before the fun begins.


Don’t be surprised if you see clips from your favorite movies or television shows, hear a personal story from a person just like you. You’ll always find something unexpected like crowd interaction, comedy, clever object lessons or creative lighting, effects and media because we believe church should be fun to attend and be engaging!


We think you deserve content that is interesting and engaging. In fact, it should be so practical that you could put it to use even before you leave the building. We learn about things like relationships, work, and careers, finances, power over addictions, forgiveness, life change through Jesus. And yes…even sex! Every week our “talks” are creative, down to earth, funny and memorable and they’ll make a real difference in your life.


Your kids and teenagers will also discover stuff that applies to their everyday lives. Creative videos, music they love and they’ll meet real people who care and want to help them find their way through life with God and one another. And there’s even a safe & caring nursery for the littlest ones because we want you to be able to enjoy the morning distraction free and we want them to learn the church can be fun for them as well!


Our live band plays a mix of high-energy pop, rock, r&b, hip-hop & gospel as well as reflective tunes that you’ll want to hum all week long. Here’s the best part – our bands sound like music that was written for today! And get this – many weeks they even cover a tune you just heard on the radio by one of your favorite artists! That’s because good music matters and helps to get you thinking about the topic of the day.


We don’t have a dress code. We don’t speak in holy jargon that only Christians understand. We don’t expect anyone to be perfect. We’re just ordinary people just like you, warts and all. Authenticity is a big deal to us – it’s exhausting to keep trying to pretend we’ve always got our act together when we don’t. So come and be yourself – no matter what you look like or where you’re from you’ll find other fellow-strugglers just like you.

 Casual. Contemporary.  Family-friendly. Creative. Relevant. Life-changing.