We want to inspire teens to dream big!

We are a community of youth who are crazy enough to believe that we can change the world – and we know that whatever grade we’re in this year, God has big plans for us. Students who call Journey’s Crossing home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They’re plugged into groups. They volunteer. They give their resources.

They’re not just ‘going to’ make an impact.

Students are making a difference right now.

Students are on the front lines leading in our church and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe this present generation of students has the potential to be used by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history.

What We’re all about

We are a grace-based, non-judgmental group of people who are doing our best to walk alongside and partner with preteens/teens and their families as they navigate adolescence together. We live for Jesus at our schools, our homes, jobs and around our friends; and encourage preteens/teens and their families to do that with us.

We’re trying to make a difference in the world for and alongside students! All of the groups we meet in, are a great and safe place to ask questions about God, life, and really, anything else.



Where we’re hanging out…

Our regular youth groups, called “JCYOUTH:LIVE” are happening in our new youth space…

THE WAREHOUSE – At our JC building (12900 Cloverleaf Center Drive, Germantown, Suite B), during both adult services on Sunday mornings 9:15 & 11:15. Here’s a quick TOUR of the place!

Every Sunday morning you’ll find 50 or so students and adult youth workers, hanging out, playing foozball, video games, ping-pong, basketball, eating, and talking about what it means to follow Jesus together in 2022 as a Generation Z or A student. It’s a great time, with great teaching and discussion about topics relevant to the lives of preteens/teens and how God can impact all of it. JCYOUTH:LIVE is becoming a  highlight of the week for lots of students in Montgomery county and beyond! Make it yours too!

Questions About JCYouth

Who can attend JCYouth EVENTS?

All 6th-12th grade students are welcome at JCYOUTH events, whether their family comes to Journey’s Crossing or not or even believes in God or not! We hope that God will introduce Himself to you along the way through what we do together. That’s the plan!

Do JCYouth Volunteers have background Checks?

Yup. All volunteers must complete an approved background check before serving in youth ministry at JC.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend JCYouth EVENTS?

We welcome everyone. We unashamedly preach and teach about Jesus, but we try hard to create an environment where everyone can belong.

Can I stay with my preteen/teen at JCYouth?

Safety is a huge priority at JCYOUTH events. The only adults allowed to attend JCYOUTH events regularly are volunteers who have a bi-yearly approved background check. We do welcome a one day visit for parents to serve as JCYOUTH volunteers (with a guest badge and shadowing a youth worker), so contact us HERE to set that up. And, if you are interested in sharing the JCYOUTH experience with your student as a regular youth worker, email our youth team HERE to start the conversation about volunteering with JCYOUTH!

When does JCYouth Meet?

Great question! And what an answer! In May 2021, we opened up our first ever dedicated youth space at Journey’s Crossing’s building, called “The Warehouse” and it’s amazing! Here’s a quick TOUR.

Now that we’re back to meeting in person, we started a new time for 6th-12th grade students, happening in The Warehouse” each Sunday morning, called, “JCYOUTH:LIVE”, with 2 identical versions happening at 9:15 & 11:15, coinciding with our main adult services at Journey’s Crossing!  JCYOUTH:LIVE is a great time for preteens/teens to connect with God, each other, and our adult youth workers.

Other than that, we’re always doing different events mid-week, on weekends, during the summer to help preteens/teens and their families find and follow Jesus. Click HERE for the Google calendar feed for our events and jump into what JCYOUTH is doing together!

What can my preteen/teen expect to do at JCYouth EVENTS?

Students will hear the message of Jesus and have fun doing it. They will have the opportunity to experience God-centered community by hanging out with friends and our team of JC volunteer youth workers.

Who is teaching my preteen/teen?

A team of skilled communicators who love Jesus create the messages we teach at JCYOUTH. Your preteen/teen will hear clearly what it means to find and follow Jesus. 


Oooo… glad you asked. We’ve got a 2022 JCYOUTH Calendar at Journey’s Crossing. Subscribe to it through ICal or Google Calendar by clicking HERE and all the info you need about this week at JCYOUTH will be found right there. 

What are we doing to keep preteens/teens as 'COVID-safe' as possible at live JCyouth events?

The safety of your preteen/teen is a huge priority at JCYOUTH events. We do our best to offer mask options for students and have more hand sanitizer than you can shake a stick at available at all times, but mostly we ask that if your student is feeling symptomatic that they don’t come to that day’s JCYOUTH event until they get a negative COVID test back.

We also, in this charged climate, and because we want students to feel welcomed and like they belong at JCYOUTH events, DON’T judge someone based on whether or not they’re wearing a mask, but welcome them into our spaces and just ask for everyone to be kind to everyone else about their choices.


    What Does JCYouth Believe?

    JCYOUTH shares the same beliefs as the rest of Journey’s Crossing.

    You can find out what our church believes here.