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At Journey’s Crossing we believe that the best way to reach out to our world and care for the members of this community is through the ongoing development of leaders. Leaders at Journey’s Crossing are gifted men and women who are committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of Journey’s Crossing and to the spiritual, emotional and physical care of the people that God has placed in their team or group. Click here to download our Leadership Application.


Every Leader at Journey’s Crossing is assigned to a Coach who is committed to praying for and caring for a specified group of Leaders and every Leader is challenged to recruit and care for an Apprentice Leader so that ministry and outreach through Journey’s Crossing will continue to reproduce and multiply.

Our commitment is that every team and group at Journey’s Crossing will have a Coach, Leader and Apprentice Leader, providing care, support and guidance.

Leadership Community

These Coaches, Leaders and Apprentice Leaders form our Leadership Community. About once a quarter, the Leadership Community gathers for leadership training, prayer, worship and fellowship.

Together we dream, pray, grow and encourage each other as we move forward in God’s mission and vision for our church. Often specific ministries will huddle in smaller groups to focus on the unique decisions and dreams of their area of attention.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council meets monthly to work closely with the Lead Pastor to oversee the ministries of Journey’s Crossing. While the Lead Pastor directly oversees the day to day operations and the staff at Journey’s Crossing, the Leadership Council exists to provide ongoing support, financial review, spiritual accountability and long-term alignment with our mission, vision and values.

This Council is made up of a combination of lay volunteers, and paid staff. All members of this council are appointed to this position by the Lead Pastor and the existing Council and must meet all the expectations of a Member and Leader and at Journey’s Crossing. These men and women share a high commitment to the mission, vision and values of Journey’s Crossing, have faithfully demonstrated Christ-like character and servanthood in ministry and are chosen for their giftedness, example and needs of the church.