What do you want more
of this Christmas?

For many of us, it seems to happen every year. There’s the anticipation of Christmas. We put up our decorations, begin buying gifts and go to holiday parties. And then it starts to get crazy. Crowds, busyness, spending – what was supposed to be “Ho, Ho, Ho!” turns into “Go, Go, Go!”

We rush to church and squeeze in a bit of focus on the main thing but in the end, after all the activity and spending,
we put away the decorations and feel like we missed something. Some of us vow to do better next year only to rush through the same way year after year!

How about we do something different and finally make Christmas MORE meaningful? What if you could spend less
and yet, give more? What if you could rush less and worship more? What if you could stress less and love more?

That’s what our new series called “Más” is all about. If you’ll join us on this adventure, together we can rebel a little against our usual tendencies and make this Christmas Season the most meaningful season of your year.

Join us this Sunday as we learn some practical ways to not only SPEND LESS, but GIVE MORE and LOVE MORE! Don’t let the craziness and business of the season leave you wanting more ever again. This year, you, your friends and family CAN have a MORE meaningful Christmas if you really want. Join us Sunday as we enjoy Más!


Ready To Make This Christmas MORE Meaningful?


Looking for ideas on how to SPEND LESS & GIVE MORE relationally this Christmas? Here are some gift ideas to help get you started. 

Spend Time Together
• Host a dinner party. Have everyone bring a prayer request to share with the group. Spend time encouraging and praying for the people God has put in your life.
• Create together. Do a puzzle, paint a picture, bake cookies, build a fort, write a song, make jewelry, garden, take photos.
• Be present. Make it a habit to have one technology-free night. Turn off the distractions and spend quality time together.
• Buy a devotional for you and a friend. Get together and talk about what you’re learning from God.
• Do an activity. Go for a hike and look at creation. Go see a concert or play.

Purchase with a Purpose
• Research Fair Trade companies and purchase Fair Trade certified goods.
• Shop local. Buy from local boutiques and artisans. Get to know the local business owners in your city.
• Find companies that give back. (some examples: PuraVida, Love Your Melon, Out of Print, Sseko, Good Spread, Cuddle+Kind, Sackcloth and Ashes, Diff Eyeware, Hiptipico, fashionABLE, Conscious Step, FEED, Two Blind Brothers, WeWood, Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee, House of Light Goods, Bombas, Headbands of Hope, SoapBox, Roma, Alex and Ani, C3 Wine Co, Hand in Hand Soaps, Noonday Collection, Issara Leather, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, Tegu Wooden Blocks)
• If you’re shopping online, set up an AmazonSmile account and designate JC as your charity. A portion of your purchase will go towards different charity organizations.

Serve Someone
• Partner with us by giving what you save by spending less to help us give more love to places like The Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia and out needy and lost neighbors in MoCo.
• Make a helping-hands coupon book. Give your family vouchers to babysit, help with yardwork, do the dishes, fold laundry, clean the kitchen, walk the dog.
• Host a serving day. Have friends and family get together and work on a project or volunteer at a local organization. You’ll be spending time together and serving someone in need.
• Care for the widows in your church. Take someone out to lunch after a church service and get to know their story.
• Volunteer at church as a family or small group. Christmas is often a very busy time for churches and their serving teams. Look for ways to help out during this season.
• Organize and clean out your friend’s pantry.
• Bake cookies and make a thank you card for someone who regularly serves your community. People like police officers, first responders, post office workers, doctors and nurses. • Pay for a date night or babysit for a couple with young kids.

Celebrate Memories
• Skip the traditional Christmas presents and instead plan a family vacation.
• Try something new. Cooking classes, music lessons, rock climbing, painting.
• Make a list of local restaurants, parks, and activities you want to explore. Grab a friend and see how many you can experience together in the next year.
• Hire a photographer to take family photos for one of your friends.
• Put together a cookbook of your favorite recipes that you can share with everyone in your family.
• Make a scrapbook or photo album for your grandparents.
• Over the next year, write 52 notes and share them with someone special next Christmas.
• Put together a family night basket. Wrap up some popcorn, candy, gift cards, and board games.

Make it Personal
• Pray for everyone on your Christmas list before purchasing anything. Remember what a gift they are.
• Find presents that celebrate the hobbies and passions of someone else.
• Remember it’s not about the number of gifts you give. It’s about celebrating your relationship and giving thanks to God for that person.

Share Your Talents
• Celebrate the talents that God has given you and share those with others. Throw a dinner party, take photos, knit a quilt, play music, write a children’s story, plan an adventure, organize and clean, sculpt and paint, etc.



Offering Proceeds Will Be Used For:

< CHRISTMAS OFFERING > $80,000 BY 12/31/19

Hurricane Relief to the Bahamas
On September 1-3, 2019, a catagory 5 hurricane called Dorian, struck and stalled over the Bahamas. Hundreds died or are missing and tens of thousands lost their homes. This Christmas, Journey’s Crossing will provide thousands of dollars in aid to devestated families by working with the home church of one of our members whose family is from the Bahamas

A socioeconomic and political crisis that began in Venezuela during the presidency of Hugo Chávez has continued into the presidency of Nicolás Maduro. It is marked by hyperinflation, escalating starvation, disease, crime and mortality rates, resulting in massive emigration from the country. The situation is the worst economic crisis in Venezuela’s history and the worst facing a country that is not experiencing war since the mid-20th century. In comparison to historical crises, it is more severe than that of the United States during the Great Depression, of Brazil’s 1985–1994 economic crisis, of Zimbabwe’s 2008–2009 hyperinflation crisis or that of Russia, Cuba and Albania following the collapse of the Soviet Union. This Christmas, Journey’s Crossing, working in partnership with an NGO and a JC family originally from Venezuela, we will provide thousands of dollars of relief to aid the poor and helpless in that country.

More info coming soon!