Our Global Outreach Strategy

As followers of Jesus we take seriously His commission to go in to all the world and make disciples. We believe in and support global mission works which take a holistic approach to sharing God’s love.  With humility and compassion we seek to work within the structures of churches and organizations who share our mission statement of meeting people where they are and helping them to find and follow Jesus.

Global Partners

The following locations represent where we are invested through missionaries or national church leaders:

Nicaragua, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain

Billy and Bette Loft of Latin American Ministries are missionaries involved in church planting, discipleship, and leadership development. The Lofts have helped plant dozens of thriving churches in Latin America.


Mehary and Paige Stafford live and serve in Addis Ababa where Mehary, a native Ethiopian, serves as an evangelist and college level teacher both in secular universities and seminaries. Paige is a school teacher in Addis.

North Africa

Ralph and Charlotte, our newest missionaries, are serving in a 99.8% Muslim country. They are leading nationals to Christ, baptizing them, and establishing small groups which will grow into churches.

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China

Yawla Khamchareon along with his family escaped Burma during a time of persecution against Christians. Having been discipled by American missionaries Yawla now serves Thailand and other neighboring countries through church planting, government outreach, preaching, and establishing orphanages for poor children. Yawla has taken the good news of Jesus into places where people have never had the opportunity to hear it.

The Ukraine

Alys West champions the cause of young adult men and women with physical and mental challenges through building Christ-centered care facilities which save them from deplorable government run institutions.

Global Outreach Trips

In an effort to share God’s love, encourage other Christ followers and to be enriched by being in the presence of people in different lands through the sharing of stories and experiences, we offer short term mission trips.
Ethiopia (February 15-23, 2019)
Join a team to our church’s adopted village (Digga) in partnership with Food for the Hungry for fresh water well installations, sponsored child home visits, interaction with school children, and agricultural projects.
Puebla Mexico (July 20-28, 2019)
The host church in Puebla which has sent missionaries to our area to help with children’s ministries will now welcome a team from our church serving at a week-long Bible Camp for school aged children. This will be our first mission trip to Puebla and is a great trip for families.
Haiti (March 7-15, 2019)
This experience offers a wide variety of activities including: construction, infant nutrition clinic work, home visits to pray for the sick, food packing, and teaching English.
San Luis Potosi Mexico (August 2019)
For over 15 years our church has sent hundreds of short term missionaries to a Christian home in Central Mexico where children, whose parents cannot care for them, leave them at a home where they grow up learning to love Jesus. If you like having fun with kids, this is your trip! Team members do light work around the house but spend most of their time interacting with and playing with the children including field trips to a water park and the state fair.

Sponsor a Child

Having successfully graduated a community living in extreme poverty in the Philippines over a seven year period with Food for the Hungry we have now turned our attention to the region of Digga Ethiopia. Each year during our Global Outreach Sunday we invite new sponsors to join us in helping transition families living in extreme poverty to achieve self-sustainability. Child sponsorship provide families with food, clean drinking water, vocational training, and church community classes for only $38 a month. Then, make plans to join us for the next mission trip to Ethiopia to visit your child and his/her family! It will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.