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We're more like you than you probably realize.

So, what if there were a church that knew what you were thinking? What if there were a church committed to moving beyond boring? Not because they want your money or your membership, but because they've been where you are.

They know what it feels like to be bored, disinterested and turned off by religion. They know what it's like to sit through a religious service and have no idea what's going on or what's being said.

Of course, "church-as-usual" is a hard habit to break. It takes a more thoughtful approach and a little more work to rescue the church from irrelevance. But it also requires a desire to listen and learn; to think outside the box; to meet people where they're at.

The very things Jesus did are the same things the church has a hard time doing. It's kind of ironic, don't you think? 

There's never been a perfect church - anytime, anywhere. You probably already knew that. But it still feels good to be honest about it. Those of us who have searched for perfection at church have always been disappointed or disillusioned, or both.

That's why so many of us have walked away from church and religion. We're convinced that church is a hangout for hypocrites. And depending on where you go, that might be true. For some reason, us christians have developed a special talent for that. Journey’s Crossing understands that it's terminally imperfect.

We don't waste any time trying to cover up our flaws or mask our faults (We have plenty).

We, like you, are trying to play with the cards we've been dealt. We're asking the same questions, searching for the same answers, and struggling with the same issues. We live in the same community and deal with the same problems. We're concerned about our futures and our finances, our families and our friends...the stuff of everyday life.

So before you write church off completely, give Journey’s Crossing a chance to change your mind.
We realize you could do a thousand other things on a Sunday morning. So can we. But we've found a group of people who are willing to be real with us, to walk with us, to support us and to give us a church experience that's anything but boring. There's something different here. Come and see.