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Not only are our teaching times on Sunday morning full of practical and Biblical ways to grow but we also you some tools that will help you take those all important next steps on your spiritual journey. If you are ready to take it to the next level you can download some resources here.

Just Getting Started on the Journey?

First Steps

First Steps is a gathering of people in a home setting who want to learn the basic and foundational steps of following Jesus for the first time. The 2-hour gathering is filled with short stories and short films, illustrations and interactive Bible study. Bring your questions and join others who are just starting out on the journey for a casual evening of pizza and no-pressure conversation. First Steps explores important topics like: Wrong paths, Jesus and His sacrifice, grace, faith, baptism, and more. For more information contact Darin Brown. To register for the next class, please click here.


Recommended Reading

Want some resources that will answer your questions and provide information about what it means to become a Christ-Follower? Purchase these great books and give them a spin.


Prayer Resources

Ever struggle with how to pray for an extended period of time? Download this simple tool that will guide you through a process to help you prayer for an hour or more at a time.

Ready to Go Deeper?


Deeper Life Community & Courses

Here at Journey's Crossing, we believe that being a Christian is so much more than going to church on Sundays. It's more than attending a weekly small group and more than tithing every week. Don't get us wrong, those things are important too, but we believe that being a Christian means continually cultivating your relationship with God, with others, and with the world we live in. That's why we created the Deeper Life Community and Courses. Click here to read more...


Membership Covenant

This document outlines what it means to be a member at Journey's Crossing. Click here for more detailed information.

Journey Wheel

A discipleship structure designed to create growth and accountability between two or more people. Download it here.

Leadership Expectations Covenant

This document that lists the expectations and agreement every coach, leader and apprentice must make at Journey's Crossing. Click here for more a more detailed explanation.


Find out how you can best grow! Visit our very own, JC Monvee site to take the free online assessment. You can also purchase your very own Monvee Growth Kit on Sunday mornings at the Welcome Center.


Want a great online Bible to search and share with your friends?  The following are great resources. is a great tool to search and share your thoughts and read other's thought about specific passages in the Bible.  Has a great daily reading plan, many good translations and a FREE App for your iPhone. is a great online Bible with links to commentaries and resources.  Also has multiple languages and translations available.  You can sign up to have daily Bible readings and passages emailed directly to you each day. is an excellent site for small group leaders, coaches and apprentices.  Full of training videos, expert advice and encouragement as well as group study ideas and tips.

Personality Assessment Tool

Click here to download the personality assessment tool to help  you understand yourself and others better.



Not Sure Where You're At?

Six Stages

An interactive document that helps you determine where you are on the spiritual journey and what some next steps are for moving forward.

The Journey

A visual representation of the various growth stages at Journey's Crossing.

Spiritual Growth Assessment Tool

A self-examination tool to assess how you are doing in key growth areas of your life. Helpful in determining what and where you need to make adjustments to keep moving forward on the journey.