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Next level '18-'19

Doing Life After High School... Successfully!


Hey seniors! Ready for Life Without A High School?

Want some help Figuring It All Out?


Have you ever heard the phrase, 'what got you here, won't get you there'?


Life post-high school brings a whole new set of challenges and skills to learn, especially when you're trying to honor Jesus in the middle of it. We want to make sure you're set-up to succeed at college, or the work force, or a gap year, or whatever you're planning after high school days are over, and help you continue to make your relationship with Jesus the highest priority. So, we're offering, the 'Next Level' a monthly interactive learning experience & hang out night to help you be ready to face the challenges that come with living for Jesus in years 18-23.


ALL Next Level EVENTS: 6:30-8:30pm with a hang out time afterwards!

Different locations each month! Bring money for a meal or a snack!


Here's our schedule:

 Thurs., Sept. 13th

'Purpose 101' - Figuring Out What I'm Here For

Hang Out afterwards @ Bruster's Ice Cream

Greenridge Baptist
 Thurs., Oct. 11th

'What's Next Year Gonna Look Like?' - The Possibilities of Life Post-HS

Hang Out afterwards @ Burger King

Gaitherburg Presbyterian
 Thurs., Nov. 8th 

'Managing Senioritis' - How Do I Make It Through This Year, Well?

Hang Out afterwards @ Mickey D's

Derwood Bible
 Thurs., Dec. 13th

'3 Scenes (Dating/Partying/Relationships)' - How To Have Health In All 3

Hang Out afterwards @ Five Guys

Pathways Baptist
 Thurs., Jan. 10th

'Picking Supporters' - Finding Great People To Invest In You

Hang Out afterwards @ IHOP

Journey's Crossing
 Thurs., Feb. 7th

'Knowing & Sharing' - How Knowing What You Believe and Sharing It, Helps

Hang Out afterwards @ Burger King

Gaitherburg Presbyterian
 Thurs., Mar. 14th

'Stuff You Spend: Time & Money' - What To Do With 2 Important Resources 

Hang Out afterwards @  Cafe Rio

Greenridge Baptist
 Thurs., Apr. 11th

'How To Grow' - Not Just Surviving, But Thriving!

Hang Out afterwards @ IHOP

Journey's Crossing
 Thurs., May 9th Next Level COMMUNITY WRAP-UP - Buffalo Wild Wings Wrap-Up Party! Buffalo Wild Wings, G-burg