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You're getting older but are you getting better?

As I was pulling away from an early breakfast appointment this morning at the local Panera, I came to the stoplight and pulled behind a model of car I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a mid 1980’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo and it made me chuckle. I remembered one of my friends buying one of these back in 1984 and how cool we thought he was. We envied him as he drove his black Monte Carlo SS with its red pin striping down the road. Now, years later, the car in front of me seemed... Read More
Posted by Mark Wilkinson at Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ready to start a new habit?

Labor Day has officially passed and that means that summer has come to a close and that Fall is on its way! While I love summer and the fun opportunities it brings, I’m also excited to get back into the routine of life and get our schedules and activities back on track. How about you? This morning, a friend and I had breakfast at Panera Bread and he reminded me of how important our church was in helping set the tone and direction of our spiritual lives and the lives of those around... Read More
Posted by Mark Wilkinson at Thursday, September 9, 2010