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Our Thoughts On Money

We believe that how you spend your money is a reflection of what's important to you - it's true for churches and individuals. At Journey’s Crossing, we love to generously bless people and to spend money to impact lives instead of letting it pile up in the bank. Tools only work if you use them. If you'd like to give online or set-up an automated giving account please click here. If you are contributing to a mission trip and want to designate your funds toward a specific volunteer, please click here.


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No Monkey Business Here!

We'll be the first to admit it. There has been a lot of monkey business with money and churches. At Journey’s Crossing, we are not monkeys!   From day one, the leadership of Journey’s Crossing has exercised full accountability, ethical business practices and wise stewardship with the resources we receive.  Our financial integrity is above reproach. The money received does not pad the pockets of anyone but goes to further our mission in the Washington/Baltimore Region of creating places for our friends to experience Jesus.




Where does Journey’s Crossing get its money?

Our support comes from people who tithe (giving back to God 10% of earnings) and from the free-willed offerings of attendees and supporters. It is normal for anyone that calls Journey’s Crossing "home" to support the church financially. We do not have a few individuals funding everything.

Do you have high accounting standards?

Yes. We have a leadership team that includes staff members and faithful volunteers to oversee all financial systems. Every financial contributor receives a copy of our “Giving Update” letter (at least once a quarter and often every other month) from our Lead Pastor along with a copy of your current giving statement for your records.  In this letter, you’ll be some of the first to know about upcoming opportunities, inside information and the current challenges the church is facing.  Each year you’ll also receive a copy of the Annual Budget which includes details on projected resources and expenditures. 


For additional questions or details please contact Betty Matthews at

Why does Journey’s Crossing give things away?

We are a church. We invest in people. We are not simply a business trying to increase its bottom line. We give away bibles, coffee, curriculum, books, CDs, food, and other gifts including major donations because we follow the example of a generous God.

What happens to leftover money?

Every year the staff takes an around-the-world tour with their families and closest friends. Once that is taken care of, the rest is bet playing roulette in Vegas in hopes of hitting it big and funding the newest building campaign. Seriously, there is not a lot of leftover money. But what is leftover goes toward ministry expenses for the following year.