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Wanna Win Big?

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Have you seen the new game show called “The Million Dollar Money Drop?” In a nutshell, contestants are given $1 million in hard cold cash they bet on an answer to a multiple-choice question. Each time they get an answer wrong the money they placed on that answer drops away from their stash. At the end of seven questions the money that remains is theirs to keep.

Sounds like a metaphor for our finances to me. Every day we are given a series of choices that result in more or less cash in our bank account. And sometimes it’s hard to know if those choices are going to end up making us money or costing us money in the long run.

Now add to that, these shaky economic times, where the questions seem to get harder and the money seems to drop away more frequently. Many of us wonder how we are going to pay the bills and take care of our financial responsibilities when the cost of living seems to continue to rise and our earning ability declines.

The good news is that God has some strategic answers and practical advice for each of us regarding our finances. It’s actually possible to find joy and live with less stress and anxiety even though the economy seems to be crumbling around us. That’s why we are starting a three-week series at Journey’s Crossing on this important topic. We’re calling it “The Money Drop” and together we will discover some fresh and powerful principles that will help us live with a financial peace and freedom.

We’ll start the series off this Sunday by uncovering some winning attitudes for financial freedom. Believe it or not, the starting place for how to pay bills, reach financial goals and survive in this economy starts in your head, not in your wallet.

Join me this Sunday as we take a look at a seldom talked about story that Jesus told where he reveals a rare way of thinking about money that has the power to revolutionize the way you earn, spend, invest and give. Oddly enough, the hero of Jesus’ story is a conman! (I told you it was a rare story!) What if (even in these hard times) you could worry less? Earn more? Dream bigger dreams? What if you could experience a new peace and joy as it relates to your finances? Would you be interested?

In this simple story, Jesus reveals the secrets of how to change the way we think about our money so that it leads to financial freedom. If that sounds good to you, (and I can’t imagine who it wouldn’t) come join me on Sunday as we kick start this important series. And don’t just come alone, bring friends and family and any one else you know who could benefit. If I bet, I’d place all my money on the fact that this teaching series will positively change your life for good!

P.S. Don't forget to tell your friends and family that in three short weeks we are moving!  We are getting a more consistent meeting location with greater capacity and opportunity for everyone as we move to the Seneca Valley High School on Sunday mornings beginning March 6th!  It's gonna be awesome!  Click here to find out more details!

Loving the journey with you,

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