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How Do You Make Choices?

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Hey there!

Have you ever noticed how life often comes down to a series of choices? Eat in or eat out? Shop at Giant or Whole Foods? Organic or what’s on sale? Self-checkout or long line? Paper or plastic?

Frankly, in the short term, most of our choices come down to simply a matter of preference and the consequences are negligible. But not always. There are those choices (big or little) that can alter the course of our lives in a moment.

Distracted, we take a wrong turn onto a busy one-way street. Hurt, we lash out with angry words that destroy a relationship. Lonely, we flirt until it escalates into betrayal and a broken marriage. Bored, we allow a simple distraction to take our eyes off our toddler for a moment too long.

Simple choices but they can lead to devastating consequences and regret. We find ourselves replaying the scenario and thinking if only I had done things differently I might have avoided the pain I’m in today.

What’s true in those areas of our life is also true in our financial lives. There are choices that can make or break your bank. Some are simple and some a little more difficult but the truth of the matter is that God has given biblical instruction that can help us in making the right choices with our money. When followed we find peace and blessing and when ignored we often experience pain and loss.

This Sunday at Journey’s Crossing we are going to wrap up our series called “The Money Drop” by looking at some of those choices we face when it comes to our money. The great part is that you will get the inside scoop on which choices are best and how you can avoid mistakes that will cost you big time! The lesson we’ll learn this Sunday will help you make the best choices you can with the money you have so that you experience peace of mind, security and blessing in your life both now and in the future.

I want to encourage you to not miss this important topic – it could save you a load of heartache and regret! And bring your friends and family – this could help them in the all important financial decisions they face everyday too. Not only that, but it will also be our last Sunday at the Universities at Shady Grove as we move to our new location at Seneca Valley High School the following Sunday.

I hope you’ll join me this Sunday at Journey’s Crossing. We’re going to have some great worship, thought provoking media and interaction, warm conversations with new friends and some learning that I believe will change your life for good. But the decision to be there is up to you. Like most things in life, it’s your choice.

P.S. Our big move to Seneca Valley High School is happening in just over a week and we still need volunteers to help in a number of areas. It doesn't have to take a lot if everyone takes a small part -- there are plenty of ways you can serve that take as little as a half hour a couple of times a month!  Click here to see ways you can give back as we make a difference for God together!

Loving the journey with you,

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