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Last Sunday Was Awesome!

Wow! Last Sunday was an amazing experience at our new location! It was awesome to walk around the building and see what God is doing at Journey's Crossing and how God is using so many of you to reach out and serve others.

As I walked down the first hall I entered the children’s ministry area in the school cafeteria and was blown away! Dozens of elementary aged kids were jumping, singing, laughing and learning in one of the coolest settings I’ve ever seen. Creative graphics on a big screen with upbeat music and the kids were being cared for by some of the greatest volunteers on planet earth. It’s an amazing thing to watch adults and teens do skits and lead in the large group setting or as they simply hang out and care for the kids in a small group circle on the floor. What a great kid’s program!

And then I headed around the corner, and popped my head into the nursery and preschool departments. Bright, colorful rooms, with soft music and videos playing that are just their size. Again, I was touched to watch teachers and helpers tell stories and help those wee little ones learn more about Jesus and the Bible. They were so cute! All these little eyes and ears were riveted to the story and you could just see how much the workers really care for each of these kids. This isn’t baby sitting – this is helping even our littlest ones learn and grow in a safe and caring place. So cool to see!

Down the steps, in the lower level, music was thumping, big screen media was flashing and two teams were highly engaged with our middle school and high school kids. It was high energy, wacky, creative and totally engaging – and you could just tell that God had created a special breed of volunteers that know how to care for and encourage our teens. If I were 15 again, I don’t think I’d want to ever miss church!

And then as I came back up the steps, I poked my head into a couple of classrooms. In the first one, a group of people had found a safe place to ask some spiritual questions as Pastor Darin lead the 101:Explorations Course. Many there had recently started coming back to church and were looking for a non-judgmental, non-threatening place to investigate the claims of Christ. Across the hall, Mike Gerber held the attention of a room full people in the course called 201: Journey Essentials. It’s the perfect place to find out how to study the Bible, pray and get acquainted with the gear needed for your spiritual journey. What excited me most was the way both classes were full of new people, eager to learn and grow!

And then I made my way into the new auditorium. The band was kicking it. The crowd was passionately singing and you could tell that God was being worshiped and loved. God’s presence was tangible as we lifted our voices and sang. As I looked around the room, I saw many of you praying, lifting your hands in praise and very much connecting to what God had done.

At the end of the day, I came home exhausted and was ready for my Sunday nap. But before I drifted off, I thanked God for what He had done. I thanked Him for all the workers who give time and energy week after week to make this the special place it is. And I thanked Him for you and the many people who make up Journey’s Crossing. God is good and He is using us to make a difference – it’s such a thrill to be apart of this church with you!

The best news, is that this Sunday we get to do it all over again, as we reach out, worship and grow this church together.  You don't want to miss this weeks topic as we talk about what real love looks like and how we are called to love our world. It's gonna be more good stuff!  But don't forget to set your clocks ahead the night before -- you don't want to show up an hour late! 

Loving the journey with you,

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