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It's Not Too Late!

Hey There! I know how crazy life can get from week to week so I wanted to send you a quick reminder that it's still not too late to invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member to our Grand Opening Celebration at our new location this Sunday! Just three short weeks ago we moved from our previous location at the Universities at Shady Grove to the Seneca Valley High School in Germantown and it's been a great change. More seats, better venue, great space for our teen and children's programs and it's located right off I-270 so it's quick and easy to access.


In short, it's the perfect time to invite someone to come discover Journey's Crossing and it could lead to a positive change in their life and relationship with God! So, send an email, text, facebook comment or even a phone call tonight or tomorrow and reach out to someone who could use a spiritual pick-me-up in their life. The worst that could happen is they politely tell you "no, thank-you." But the good that could happen is incredible! So, take a chance and invite them, it could be one of the best things you've done all Spring! You can be sure we'll do our best to make them feel welcome with lot's of smiling faces, free Dunkin Donut's coffee and donuts too. We start a new series called: "Operation" (remember that game as a kid?) and we'll be taking a look at how God has a cure for some of life's challenges. This week we'll discover how God can help heal our hurts (especially when we've experienced a broken heart).


So pull out that phone, fire up that iPad, log on to facebook, or just holler out the window... I don't care too much how you do it, just invite a friend or two (or four or five) and let's see what God can do! It's going to be a great day at Journey's Crossing (and from the looks of the weather forecast you won't want to go golfing or fishing) so make sure you're there and celebrate with us as we worship, learn and grow together! Loving the journey with you,

Posted by Mark Wilkinson at 11:10 AM