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Are You Kidding Me?

When I thought about all that's going on around JC right now that's exactly what I said. Because I just gotta tell you--there are some freakin' amazing things going on!

For starters, let me just say that last Sunday’s worship services and festivities at the Farm totally rocked! Hundreds and hundreds of you showed up for church under the big top and it was amaaaazing! The band jammed, God was honored, the food and the fun lasted all afternoon and it all ended with a beautiful baptism ceremony. Thanks for all who made the event such an incredible success and a huge thanks to the Truland Family for hosting us! If you missed it -- well, what I can say, it really was your loss, but if you want to see some pictures of what went down click here!

As if that wasn’t enough to make last weekend fantastic there was even more going on around than the Harvest Fest. Last Saturday, we chartered a bus and sponsored a group of inner city DC kids to enjoy a day at a local pumpkin patch with our annual Kid’s Day in The Country! A huge thanks to Tom Burke and his family for making this special day happen. Check out some of the pictures from that awesome outreach opportunity. (I love the shot where all the kids are fast asleep in the bus after the busy day). Click here for some really cool shots.

And then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, we had a mission’s team head off to work in the school we sponsor in Nicaragua. They’ll spend this week caring for the poor, impoverished and needy as the reach out to make a positive difference in that far off part of the world.

And it doesn’t stop there – this coming weekend, we are holding a fun family event at the Universities at Shady Grove as an outreach to the kids and our neighbors. You do NOT want to miss this -- as our Children's Ministry Team hosts a HUGE OUTREACH EVENT. At 4 PM, they are putting on a special family production in the auditorium. (It's a very funny, high energy show that will help parents and kids develop wholesome character qualities) and then at 5 PM we are hosting our very first “Trunk or Treat”.

If you are looking for a one stop location where your kids and their friends can get a sugar rush then this is the place!  Over forty small groups, individuals and families will decorate their car, truck, SUV with a CAR-TOON theme and hand out candy and goodies through the parking lot.  There will be free hotdogs, sodas, chips and snacks at the SURGEMOBILE as well as giant Bounce Houses and Activities for Fun and games. and did I mention prizes? Oh My Gosh -- Come dressed in costume and WIN BIG! Check out more details here and then load up the mini-van with your neighbors and their kids and come out for an awesome time.  It's an easy way to introduce church and our incredible children's programs to the people in  your life.  Trust me, they will thank you over and over again!

Oh yeah.  One last thing.  You do not want to miss church this Sunday.  We are back at our normal location at the USG and the topic is one that everyone I know can use some help with.  Let me ask you this.  Have you ever gotten mad at someone?  Duh!  Ever stew about some tension between you and another person?  Find yourself replaying and rehearsing what you wish you said or want to say to someone who ticks you off?  Of course you have -- that's why this Sunday we are going to tackle the topic of unresolved conflict and I'm going to give you six things you can do that will resolve conflict over 90% of the time! Now come on, doesn't that sound like something that could make your world a little better and your nights a whole lot more restful?  Of course it does -- so get your fanny into your car this Sunday and make your way over to Journey's Crossing. And bring some friends and family members with you -- that is, of course, if it's not too late and you've chased them all away over stupid stuff.

See, I wasn't kidding at all -- there's some freakin' cool stuff going on around here and you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, want to miss it.  See ya there!

Posted by Mark Wilkinson at 10:53 PM