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The Assessment Center is only for regular attenders (1-4x a month) and members of Journey's Crossing. In order to gain access you will need to fill out the Assessment Center Request Form here in order to receive the Journey's Crossing Log-In and Registration Code and agree to be contacted.

Click here to fill out the initial request form.  (Your code and log in information will be displayed immediately.)


The purpose of the Assessment Center is to assist you and our church in finding the best ministry match for you and to provide personal guidance and support.  The Assessment Center includes access to four different tools: ePersonality, which helps you understand your personality and the type of ministry that best fits your temperament, the Leadership Skills Assessment, that uncovers your natural style of working with others, the GraceGifts Assessment, which coaches you through a process to find your most probable spiritual gifts based upon previous ministry experience, and the SkillsLedger, which is a place to list and categorize the natural abilities you've acquired over your lifetime.

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