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adopt-a-grad 2018

Want To Make A Big Difference For the Class of 2018?

Help us create a culture where students who graduate from High School don't graduate from their friendship with God. Let's set our students up to succeed and thrive with God even after they've graduated from High School. Partner with us through our Adopt-A-Grad program!



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The Idea:

JC Families 'adopt' a graduate from the class of 2018 and throughout their first year out of high school, encourage and connect with them to remind them that God loves them and so do we, in the middle of this transition to a new phase of life. Read below to see how you can be a part.



Here are the JC Class of 2018 students

Karishma Ali Carter Rush
Riker Bucci Brian Spates
Lawrence Coleman Katy Spates
Grace Darby Luke Tittle
Schuylar Johns Hannah Velasquez
Jose Marquez Dymond Whatley
Elle Mattes  
Francis Rose  


Time Commitment (Mid-August 2018-May 2019)

You can begin praying for the student from the moment you’ve adopted him/her, but we ask you to begin the communication process in mid to late-August when the majority of the students will be going to school. 



Here's what you're committing to do over the next year:


  • PRAY: Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give to your adoptee is to be a prayer warrior for him/her!  Our intention is to regularly send you emails updating you on specific ways to be praying.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT LETTERS: Send a hand-written letter once a month. These can be encouraging, funny, supportive, etc.  Also, send the occasion email.
  • CARE PACKAGES:On four months (two time per Semester), we ask that you send a care package to your adoptee in place of the letter.  These are not intended to be elaborate and expensive but heartfelt and unique (ex: $10 gas card, Candy or cookies, etc.).  In our email updates, we will give you ideas for packages. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The intent in this adoption process is much more focused on you being a prayer support and encouragement to the adoptee.  We leave the option for the student to return the conversation back to you; however they may or may not.  No matter if that happens, continue to communicate with and encourage them.