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Changing How You Think About Church!

When you think of church do the words "irrelevant", "boring", or "judgmental" ever come to your mind? Have you ever felt "put off", "put down" or "put out" by the whole church experience? Continue reading...
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POWER: Dethroning Our Counterfeit Gods



Need More Power?

Power. Wherever you look in our lives it seems we always want more. From cars and minivans to computers, TV's and phones, the mantra, "faster, stronger, better!" never stops. What was blazingly powerful last year suddenly doesn't seem to be enough. Unfortunately, it's not just a symptom of technology and equipment, it's true in our personal lives as well. A insatiable hunger for more power drives our nation, businesses, relationships and everyday existence. Even though we feel that a little more power at my job, in my marriage or parenting or even in my  daily encounters would make things better, we are left wanting and needing more. Maybe the kind of power we are looking for isn't the answer. What if the solution to navigating life's challenges and hurdles isn't more strength of force but a strength of another kind? Does God have an answer that doesn't fade with time or quickly become outdated? If so, would you try His version of power for a change? The good news is that God does offer a strength and sustaining force for those who are willing to buck the system and trust His way. Join us this Sunday and learn how to tap into a power source that doesn't become outdated or weak and find a new way of living that doesn't leave you exhausted and empty. 




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At Journey’s Crossing, we welcome everyone to “come as they are” and join in the celebration of praising God in an informal, relaxed setting. We believe that the truths of the Bible can be applied and carried out in everyday life in a way that helps people find their way back to God, no matter where they are their walk. Together, we wish to become a group of people that can be real with each other, forgive one another, and unite under the common goal of making a difference in our world. We’re so excited you’ve come to check us out and we’d love to have you join us! Every Sunday, services are at either 9:30am or 11:15am at Seneca Valley High School! Come and bring your friends, family or anyone else who could benefit from discovering a new kind of church that meets you right where you are! And if you can't be there, you can always watch us live! Who would have thought going to church could be this fun and life changing?


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"I have a better understanding about why I am here; why I experience the things that I do go through." --Christabel


"I'm proud to belong to this church -- It is amazing how much love it has for others with all the outreach projects." --Devin


"Having moved recently to the area we now feel more connected, involved, and loved with our new spiritual home for the entire family." --Wendy


"I wasn’t raised in a church so I was happy to find a safe and comfortable place to learn about God and the Bible." --Angela


"This was a place where I finally got God’s love for me." --Carolyn


"My kids love coming to church." --Byron


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