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Changing How You Think About Church!

When you think of church do the words "irrelevant", "boring", or "judgmental" ever come to your mind? Have you ever felt "put off", "put down" or "put out" by the whole church experience? Continue reading...
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Are you Spiritual?  


Our culture’s definition and understanding of what it means to be spiritual has changed dramatically in the last fifty years. American spirituality has broadened to include a variety of beliefs and practices from Eastern Religions and other places. Many people in our country now prefer a fusion of any number of religions giving equal value to all form of spiritual practices. But the fastest growing group of people on the spiritual front are those who prefer to jettison all religions and on forms asking for their religious preference or affiliation select, “None”.


But what about the church’s understanding of spirituality? American churches further muddy the water of true spirituality by equating spiritual life to a list of behaviors spiritual people do or don’t do. The lists vary from church to church but it doesn’t take long to identify who the “real” spiritual people are verses the ones who aren’t.


Finally, some religious groups make spirituality all about traditions and religious practices. Those who attend certain functions, make spiritual pilgrimages, or perform certain rituals elevate themselves to a higher spiritual plane than those who don’t.


In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presents us with a counter culture view of what it means to be spiritual. It’s not about rule keeping or religion but about a growing relationship with Jesus in which we’re honest about who we are and where we want to go. Interested? Join us this Sunday as we continue our series, The Upside Down Kingdom. Together we’ll learn about “Upside Down Spirituality”. Bring some friends and we’ll see you on Sunday.


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At Journey’s Crossing, we welcome everyone to “come as they are” and join in the celebration of praising God in an informal, relaxed setting. We believe that the truths of the Bible can be applied and carried out in everyday life in a way that helps people find their way back to God, no matter where they are their walk. Together, we wish to become a group of people that can be real with each other, forgive one another, and unite under the common goal of making a difference in our world.


We’re so excited you’ve come to check us out and we’d love to have you join us! Every Sunday, services are at 10am or 11:30am at 12900 Cloverleaf Center Drive, Germantown, MD 20874! Come and bring your friends, family or anyone else who could benefit from discovering a new kind of church that meets you right where you are! And if you can't be there, you can always watch us live! Who would have thought going to church could be this fun and life changing?


To learn more about what to expect when you visit Journey's Crossing, click here! Did you know that you can watch past messages online?  You can even download audio and the outline. Click here to check it out!

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"I have a better understanding about why I am here; why I experience the things that I do go through." --Christabel


"I'm proud to belong to this church -- It is amazing how much love it has for others with all the outreach projects." --Devin


"Having moved recently to the area we now feel more connected, involved, and loved with our new spiritual home for the entire family." --Wendy


"I wasn’t raised in a church so I was happy to find a safe and comfortable place to learn about God and the Bible." --Angela


"This was a place where I finally got God’s love for me." --Carolyn


"My kids love coming to church." --Byron


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